Relocations - Machine & Production Line Transfers

  • Preparation and agreement of the transfer’s schedule
  • Organization of all necessary equipment (trolleys, cranes, essential personnel)
  • Disassembly of machines and preparation for transport (preparation of descriptive documentation facilitating reassembly)
  • Transportation to the designated location and reassembly. If necessary: organization of subcontractors necessary for commissioning - ventilation, air conditioning, machine geometry, surveying work, etc.
  • Preparation of machines for final acceptance.


Relokacje Maszyn i Linii Produkcyjnych


  • Designing, preparing drawings and necessary calculations
  • Manufacturing and delivery (powder coating or spray painting on-site)
  • Assembly (welding or assembly - including work at heights).

Machine and Equipment Construction

  • Execution of mechanical, electrical, and pneumatic projects
  • Construction of machines and equipment including: assembly stations, custom machines tailored to the client's process, tools for existing client’s equipment and special devices
  • Design and construction of machines from the idea to final customization at the client's facility.


Automation of Production Lines and Workstations

  • Process automation using collaborative and industrial robots (Hans Robot, Universal Robots, KUKA, ABB, FANUC, OMRON)
  • Modernization of machines and equipment for logistic and warehouse processes using "traceability" and utilizing vision systems and barcode scanners
  • Utilization of robots to automate workstations such as: pick and place applications, palletizing, depalletizing, CNC machine operation, welding stations.


Machine and Equipment Retrofits, Maintenance Support

  • Retrofitting of existing machines and equipment along with compliance to current regulations and/or client’s requirements - execution along with appropriate documentation
  • Comprehensive maintenance support covering mechanics, electrical systems, automation, pneumatics, and hydraulics.


Retrofit Maszyn i Urządzeń
Warsztaty Produkcyjne

Production Workshops


  • Manufacturing, designing, and delivering spare parts for production machines from single pieces to 100,000 parts
  • Hardening, cutting (laser, plasma, water), bending, drilling, etc.
  • Delivery of production materials to manufacturing facilities (steel, sheets, chemical semi-finished products, etc.).


Electrical Contracting Services

  • Technical project design
  • Assembly of distribution systems, transformer stations, LV and MV networks
  • Modernization and maintenance of street lighting
  • Rental of specialized equipment and transportation
  • External and internal electrical installations for the industry
  • Buildings and structures illumination
  • Installation of lightning protection systems
  • Concrete electric heating.


Elektryczne Usługi Wykonawcze
Systemy transportowe

Transport Systems

  • Design and delivery of transportation systems
  • Implementation of packaging, weighing, or optical recognition systems for selected components of automation systems
  • Construction, repairs, and maintenance of conveyor chains
  • Scope of activity - transport systems in thermal power plants, household appliance factories, food, automotive, raw materials industries etc.